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Online Web Hangman

Can you win five consecutive times the online hangman game? It's not easy. It uses a dictionary of the most common 20000+ english words. To help you, Web Hangman paints images related to each hidden word. Often, these images help but sometimes they devilishly mislead. And this is what makes the online web hangman so much fun. Come on, have a go :), it's simple and fast.
If you enjoy it, please leave feedback about the online web hangman on my blog

To find pictures, web hangman connects to google. This is why it must use a certificate. By trusting the certificate, the applet will run fully. If not, it will still run, but without finding and fetching pictures. If you wonder how I made the certificate, it's easy, just look at this article.

The idea of utilizing the web within games excites me. I'll be soon implementing more web-resource-fetching games. Check out the game section of this site again to see what I'm cooking!. For any interesting suggestions or if you want to ask anything related to the source code, just contact me. Remember, to check out my other two games: IvoryTower and the 12 board online sudoku challenge.